Major Sins in Islam

Major Sins in Islam

Human beings made mistakes and errors every now and they don’t recognize how big and serious sins they are committing. There are numerous things for which human beings will be accountable and punished in the life hereafter and within the grave. Punishment in the grave and in the life hereafter is due to the disobedience the commands of ALLAH Almighty and anger of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH Almighty disliked those for humans who committed sins and didn’t repent to Him with the straightforward heart.

Being a Muslim it’s far very necessary to keep away from all forms of major and minor sins and try to do true and virtuous deeds in this worldly life in order that we are able to live a fortuitously ever within the hereafter with the intention to continue to be for all time.

Major Sins:

Here we are talking about few important sins that every single Muslim have to keep away from.

* Shirk is one of the main sins that ALLAH Almighty disliked the most and it’s directly linked with the Hellfire. ALLAH Almighty does not forgive Muslims that commit shirk till he or she repents to ALLAH Almighty.

* Hypocrisy is also one of the major causes of the punishment in the grave. The hypocrite people are those who will be punished in the grave.

* Indulging in Riba is also a major sin that ALLAH Almighty disliked and it is strictly forbidden in Islam. Riba or usury is a growth of the extra amount on the principal amount.

* Zina (adultery) is also the most important sin with a purpose to no longer forgivable until a Muslim who repents to ALLAH Almighty with a core of heart and do no longer does it again in his her life.

* Missing obligatory prayers (five times daily) is taken into consideration one of the greatest sins with the intention to cause of punishment in the life hereafter and in the grave. So perform all five times Salah on time and don’t pass over any of your prayers.

* We should see backbiting (talking behind) as the maximum disgusting aspect of our society whether its women or men they have a tendency to backbite and Gossip whenever they meet. Backbiting is one of the primary sins and every Muslim try to keep away from it if you need to no longer be punished in the life hereafter.

The above referred to were a number of the major and important sins that all of us must keep away from in our daily life recurring. May

ALLAH Almighty assists and guides us to do virtuous deeds and keep us from the punishment and hardships of the grave and the Hell fireplace! Ameen

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Makkah 35

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Daughters Are Blessings

Daughters Are Blessings

Daughters without any doubt are the blessing of ALLAH Almighty. Before the advent of religion Islam, girls were treated so badly and people behaved rudely with girls in Arab society. Father of a girls used to feel shame and low when a girl born in their homes. There was a trend in the Arab society to show their dislike to girls, they used to bury their daughters alive in order to get rid of any kind of shame. At the time of darkness, people used to treat and behave with girls very badly, religion Islam came and gave importance and rights to women, daughters, sisters, wives and especially those little girls who affected badly.

 Rights and Duties of Daughters

Islam is the blessed religion that came into being and granted rights to women as a daughter, mother, wife and sister. Islam created some responsibilities also for them which are listed below:

  • Islam gave equal rights to women as men have and describe that there is not any kind of discrimination among the rights of men and women.
  • Islam gave them the rights of learning and getting education. Women can get an education like men and they can also work for their families.
  • Women have right in the property of their father. According to Islam girl’s share is half of her brother’s share in his father’s property.
  •  If a female is not satisfied and happy with her marriage and husband then She has a right of taking Khula.
  • Islam gave women a right to receive love, respect and best maintenance from husband, parents and brother.
  • A daughter always belongs to her paternal family. The Islamic order makes detailed and proper arrangements for fair behaviour and treatment of the daughter.
  • Taking care of daughters, educating them well, liberating them and also training them for facing tomorrow for a better life all comes under the duties and responsibilities of parents towards their daughters.
  • Islam gave them right to choose their husband. Marrying her forcefully against her will is not allowed in Islam. The father or any other family member is not allowed to oblige her to marry without her wish.
  • Islam gave girl a right to speak and share her ideas and views ideas publicly.
  • Daughters are advised to cover herself properly in order to live safely and secured in the society.
  • It’s her duty to keep the dignity of herself.
  • She should take care of her family.
  • She has to be loyal and honest to her husband.
  • She should have to be aware about the limits when it comes to Na-mahram.

Discussed above were some of the duties and rights daughters according to religion Islam.

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Islam Is the Only True Religion


Islam is the religion of peace and the only true religion existing in the world, Islam is one of the main and prominent world religions. Believers of religion Islam are well known as Muslims; Islam provides way to get pleasure, success and prosperity to the members of Muslim community.

The most excellent thing about the blessed religion Islam is the ethics and morals that we must have to follow in order to be good Muslims. To leave a superior and high impression on others a person should speak in a polite way and balanced. To utter harsh words in harsh tone spoil the whole image of the good personality.

So, when a person is well-known as liar, an ill mannered and the person who speaks too much useless and wastes time, even his excellent looks and outer personality goes into dirt. Hence, ALLAH Almighty has told us to be cautious in our speech and to use those words that do not seem rude and harsh and do not leave a bad impression on other people.

Islam is the blessed religion towards which ALLAH Almighty send all His prophets to invite people towards way if righteousness and submission to the commands of ALLAH Almighty. Here speaking fair and carefully means is to speak in polite and humble manner and in a kind way so that people who want our help or who depend on us do not get offended, what else could be the best thing if not a word of kindness!
We must better talk polite and in most kind and humble way because even if with good intension (niyyat) we say a word in a bitter way, shaitan (worst enemy of human beings specially Muslims) gets a chance to propagate the seed of hatred in between the peoples and relations. Islam has considered the huge world of humanity in an astonishing style and has enacted appropriate rules and regulations in accordance with man’s individual and social actions or else.

Talking in vain, lewd and useless too much irritates and people keep away from listening to such a person even if he wants to speak well. Backbiting is a also a big sin and later in the verse of Holy Quran

ALLAH Almighty has compared backbiting with eating flesh of a dead person, which is completely filthy.
To insult other people without any kind of proof in front of others is also considered as great sin. So it is better to stay away from all these kind of unnecessary talks and conversation which are disliked in religion Islam because these can only increase the sins and makes us closer to hell which is obviously not a good place so be humble and live life according to the rules and instructions of religion Islam.

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Hunting Of Migrating Birds Becomes Ban In Saudi:

Hunting Of Migrating Birds Becomes Ban In Saudi

With thousands of migratory birds flocking into the dominion from all parts of the globe for the duration of the wintry weather, the Saudi natural world Authority (SWA) is enforcing its ban on the hunting of birds to help prevent avian influenza.

In step with a respectable from the SWA, the birds come from western and Japanese Europe, and West Asia. “They commonly reside inside the jap Province, purple sea coast and inside the important part of the dominion where there is greenery all through their live,” he stated.

The migratory birds consist of houbara bustards, passerines, flamingos, pelicans, cranes and turtle doves.

They live quickly, especially in Al-Hair in Riyadh, Al-Asfar Lake, Jubail Marine included location, Domat Al-Jandal in Al-Jouf, Farasan Islands and Wadi Aljizan. They will leave on the begin of spring.

The legitimate stated that the kingdom had currently diagnosed sporadic incidents of avian flu and the authorities did no longer want to threat its recurrence through the hunting of migratory birds. The ban on looking of birds was most effective a safety measure, he said, declaring that there was a opportunity they may convey the virus and unfold the ailment in their temporary nests.

The looking regulations are implemented with the aid of the SWA in cooperation with the Ministry of interior. Hunters must additionally gain their licenses to hunt and should tell the government about the areas in their searching day trip.

Hunting is banned in blanketed areas of SWA, the Empty sector and in places close to urban settlements.

Hunters are also no longer allowed to use firearms but can lay traps to catch rabbits. They may be additionally allowed to seek with hounds and falcons.

According to the dominion’s conservation plans, hunters had been cautioned to chorus from killing endangered species along with the oryx, gazelle, ibex, the Arabian leopard, and the ostrich.

Remaining week, incidences of the exceptionally pathogenic avian influenza (H5N8) have been suggested in Riyadh, Dammam and Al-Ahsa.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Aseeri, assistant deputy minister of health for preventive remedy, advised Arab information that Saudi Arabia is a chief path for bird migration and that the virus probable got into the united states of America through migratory birds.

The Ministry of surroundings, Water and Agriculture on Sunday showed the detection of one case of H5N8 avian flu in Al-Kharj.

The ministry has been actively taking measures to govern the unfold of the ailment.

The ministry affirmed that since the outbreak of H5N8 avian flu the quantity of samples amassed reached 9234 inside the country. Handiest 140 of these samples examined fine, it delivered.

Fowl flu strains have hit rooster flocks in a number of international locations internationally in latest years, with a few types of the sickness additionally causing human infections and deaths.

H5N8 is rather pathogenic to birds (high dying charges) and turned into first found in Eire in 1983. Since then it’s been mentioned in several places round the arena.

This pressure, however, has no longer triggered any human infections to date anywhere inside the international.

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Holy Quran and the Etiquettes of Reciting

Quran 05.jpg

Preoccupation with the Holy Quran is one of the most virtuous acts of ibadah, whether by reciting it, consideration on its meanings, or working according to its teachings. We ask ALLAH Almighty, Glorified and Exalted, to bestow His Kindness upon us and make us recite the Holy Quran. We ask ALLAH Almighty that it will be our proof on the Day of Qayamat or Resurrection. ALLAH Almighty says in verse 35:29-30 of Holy Quran,

 “Indeed, those who recite the Book of ALLAH and establish prayer and spend [in His cause] out of what We have provided them, secretly and publicly, [can] expect a profit that will never perish – That He may give them in full their rewards and increase for them of His bounty. Indeed, He is Forgiving and Appreciative”.

ALLAH Almighty says in verse 17:82 of Holy Quran,

“And we send down of the Qur’an that which is healing and mercy for the believers, but it does not increase the wrongdoers except in loss”.

The Etiquette of Reciting the Holy Quran

Firstly, the person who is reciting the Holy Quran should have a pure intention (niyyat), for the sake of ALLAH Almighty. He should be away from insincerity and showing off, as ALLAH Almighty says in verse 39:11 of Holy Quran,

“Say, [O Muhammad], “Indeed, I have been commanded to worship ALLAH, [being] sincere to Him in religion”.

Secondly, reciting the Holy Quran is one of the most excellent acts of worship. Therefore, one must make his heart present with his mind when reciting the Holy Quran to increase his pondering (over the verses).

ALLAH Almighty says in verse 38:29 of Holy Quran,

“[This is] a blessed Book which we have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded”.

Thirdly, when starting reciting, one must seek refuge to ALLAH Almighty from the accursed Satan, ALLAH Almighty says in verse 16:98 of Holy Quran,

“So when you recite the Qur’an, [first] seek refuge in ALLAH from Satan, the expelled [from His mercy]”.

 Seek refuge means that a person should turn to ALLAH Almighty and ask His Help to be protected from the slips and whispers of Satan or shaitaan.

The one who recites the Holy Quran is conversing with ALLAH Almighty; thus, he must abide by some matters. Among which are:

* To sit in a purified place

* sit in submission and respect; because he is conversing with ALLAH Almighty

* Be in Wuzu

* To be keen on wearing a clean garment

* Not to raise the voice if there is someone near reciting the Holy Quran, in order not to confuse him during the recitation.

* If one is reciting the Quran and the azan (call for prayer) takes place, he must cut off the recitation and follow the caller. After the azan ends, he resumes the recitation.

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Etiqutettes of Food Eating

Health is one of the magnificent blessings and graces of ALLAH Almighty, which is subset of the venerable and uncountable bounties upon Humankind. Sound health is a great blessing which along innumerable favours of ALLAH Almighty are hard to refuse. Cherishing the sublime bounties of ALLAH Almighty, correlate with the thanksgiving in return.

Islam is the religion that provides ways to attain blessings from every single act when done in prescribed way of Islam through Holy Quran and Sunnah. Drinking, Eating food are intertwined with daily routine of every person eventually this simple and mundane act can turn into a blessed act of worship when it is followed in the light of teachings of Sunnah and Holy Quran.

Etiquettes of Eating

In religion Islam the manners of eating starts with physical cleanliness and purity to alleviate harmful bacteria and germs and ends on attaining bounties of ALLAH Almighty by thanking Him for providing us blessed Halal food to eat.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Prior sitting on table and eating etiquettes overall hygiene and cleanliness is greatly recommended because it is directly linked with “Half faith” and “Taqwa” which is the quite appraising deed in sight of ALLAH Almighty. Hygiene and cleanliness should be considered in handling food, cooking, preserving, and also processing along with all kind of physical cleanliness.

Let us discuss some of the major etiquettes of eating.

* Wash Your Hands Prior Eating:

Washing hands before starting the practice of having food as washing hands is the integral part of physical cleanliness, it helps in saving ys from harmful bacteria that could be enter in our body if hands are not washed properly before eating.

* Eating all food item by using Right Hand

It was the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he used to do eat with the Right hand. The compulsion of eating by using right hand is a distinction between the manners of Muslims and Non-Muslims.

* Sit Properly While Eating

Islam teaches us that while having meal sit properly. Eating with sitting posture has great religious, physical and scientific merits.

* Never Criticize Food

Finding Halal food and eating that to remove hunger is one of the great blessings of ALLAH Almighty. As we are living in the world where there are so many peoples who are few blessed with as in the recent era the rate of poverty has touched the peak and many common people among us are struggling hard to get Halal food. Being the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Muslims we should help each other and emulate the rituals in order to attain blessings and be thankful to whatever ALLAH Almighty provided us despite being judging food on taste, quantity or quality. is one of the authorized and well known travel agency offering the services of Hajj, Umrah, Flights, Tickets, Hotels, Travel and Visa packages in cheapest and affordable rates with Cheapest Umrah Packages from London UK.