Allah Loves to Complete the Umrah Obligation When You Are Young

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The Umrah pilgrimage is like a distant event, especially for young people. Many of us dream to perform the pilgrimage from a very young age and to see the Kaaba closely because of the following reasons:

  1. To wear the white uniform of the pilgrimage,
  2. To make the Tawaf around the Kaaba,
  3. To drink Zamzam,
  4. To meet Muslims from all over the world
  5. To participate in the most important gathering in the history of humanity.

The pilgrimage is a unique occasion to get the intention of Allah Almighty. If you get the opportunity to fulfill Umrah obligation at a young age, then you are obliged to get more blessing. Here are some features of small pilgrimage:

 Sometimes, The Door Opens Once and Never Open Again

Probably, sometimes it’s difficult to get the opportunity again. Ibn Umar (R.A) said, when you are in the evening, do not wait in the morning and when you are in the morning do not wait for the evening. Do your work instantly rather than waiting? So, if you first get the opportunity of performing Umrah then maybe you can’t get this opportunity again.

 Make It Hurry for Completing the Pilgrimage

Hurry to make the pilgrimage because nobody knows what can happen next. We are unaware of any obstacles that may arise in the future if we do not grasp the present opportunity. Indeed, the Prophet (PBUH) recommended us to perform the pilgrimage as soon as possible. It is a religious obligation and included in the most despiteful act of Islam.

 Free from Sins

Umrah rituals are one of the best opportunity for getting the intention as well as removing the sins. Those who spend some days in Mecca and Medina while praying will get rewards in return. Allah will remove their sins, and a pilgrimage is like a baby.

A Pilgrimage Drives Out from the Poverty

It’s a fact that Allah will give you a lot of benefits if you spend money in the path of Allah. Our beloved Holly prophet (PBUH) said the pilgrimage toward Mecca and Medina drives from the poverty. While keeping this in mind, it is assumed that we must perform Hajj or Umrah once in our life if we afford it. If we remain preoccupied with our financial situation, we must complete the pilgrimage in the hope of becoming better.

The Invocation:

One of the highlights of the pilgrimage is the invocation toward Allah. Many invocations are pronounced and repeated during the Hajj. Since the invocation made during the pilgrimage is granted. However, one of the best invocations is the day of Arafat that pronounced during the Hajj pilgrimage.

Final verdict:

Positive experiences from an early age have a lasting impact on a young person. One of the most important lessons a person can learn during the pilgrimage is that all humans are equal. So, wanted to make your Umrah obligations when you are young then book your Cheap 2019 Umrah package through Online Flights Booking.


Umrah a Reputable Journey Toward the Islamic World

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Before reaching to the world of Ihram, a pilgrimage must wear Ihram. It’s like a dress code of performing Umrah obligations. Our holy prophet (PBUH) said a person who conducts Umrah with full priority then Allah will forgive all the sins. Repentance is the first thing that a Muslim must do before Umrah. It is obligatory to perform Umrah pilgrimage, but some conditions are imposed on the Muslim, which is as under:

  • Two conditions are imposed such as mental or physical; it is not valid to perform Hajj or Umrah from the infidel as well as the mental disabilities feelings.
  • The conditions of the parts for instance puberty, and freedom, if a pilgrimage is a slave or divorced.

Essential aspects of Umrah

the capacity of performing the pilgrimage conditions mentioned as follows:

  1. The Muslim has enough money to spend in the scared world
  2. Achieve safety on the way of Umrah, so that the Muslim will return safely
  3. The presence of mahram is essential for a woman because she is unable to perform the spiritual obligation without their mahram.

Umrah- an Important factor of Islam

It is essential for every Muslims not to underestimate the rights of worship. If a person fulfills all the rights without any mistakes than Allah will forgive all their sins. The fact that they do not violate the rights of slaves nor to fall in sins and perform the rights of Allah. Here are some critical factors that must be kept in mind:

  1. Keep in mind that Umrah should be presented with the halal money. The reason behind this Allah only accepts right niyah rather than bad thoughts.
  2. Allah will receive all the duas that are taken from the core of the heart. Also, Allah answers all the duas of the pilgrimage.
  3. The Umrah procedure is quite simple, all of you need to wear ihram and fulfill some obligation in accordance of your assistance, such as complete seven circumstances around scared house, seek between safa and marwa hills, after that drinking Zamzam and at the end men shave their hair, whereas woman just cut a finger size hair.
  4. Writing the commandment before going out to Umrah because of its all-time desirable act. However, traveling is just like a risk that has a lot of trouble, but if you recite the Dua-e-Safar, then your journey become the safest journey.
  5. The intention of the small pilgrimage to Allah is for the slave that not to be hypocritical, ignorant or reputable, but rather than waiting for a reward, only beloved in Allah.

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Some Specific Tips For Choosing The Perfect Agency

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Previously, various negative reports occur regarding the travel of Hajj and Umrah agents. Most of the travel agents promise lower-than-average reasonable fees. The offer certainly made many people tempted, who eventually plunged them into false promises. The cost of the pilgrimage has been paid, but the prospective pilgrims will not depart.

Many cases occur where travel agency is doing fraud with their client’s money. So, it is the best advice to choose the trustable travel agency that will make a memorable trip. While looking all the desire, have summarized the spiritual tips so that that customer will get the hassle-free journey. Here are some tips for choosing perfect religious travel agency:

Ask Your Relative First:

One simple step you can do is look for testimonials on the internet or ask your friends and family that has used the same travel service. Usually, agents who are trusted will have lots of positive testimonials from customers. Additionally, you can use the internet source; there you will get many reviews. If the majority of the testimonials are right, then it is likely that the agent can be trusted.

Check Their Registration Authorities:

Also, don’t forget to check whether the travel agency has been registered with the Ministry of Umrah or any authorized services. Now many agencies that provide Hajj or Umrah departure services, in fact not all agents are registered with the Ministry of Religion.

It is essential that you check first, whether your agent has an official permit. There are two ways you can do to find out whether the Hajj and Umrah travel agency is officially registered.

  • First, by visiting the local office of the Ministry of Religion directly.
  • Second, you can also access the official website of the Ministry of Religion.

Check The Package Cost First:

It’s not enough to pay attention toward the price; you also have to see the desire facilities in the package. Most of us, tempted by the low prices that is offered by the travel agencies. It is quietly wrong; you also have to check the accommodations as well as the agency’s service. The problem is low prices tempt many of their cases, but their security is not guaranteed, and the certainty of their departure is unclear.

Check The Defined Scheduled:

Make sure the travel agent has a definite schedule. Avoid those agencies that is unable to provide the guarantee departure time. A travel agency that does not have the exact details of the scheduled departure that will not consider as the best agencies. As a result, the pilgrims felt hanged because they wanted to get a perfect departure time. Meanwhile, only a trustable agency provides the schedule before you book their service.

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Onlineflightsbooking.Co.Uk Provide A Suggestion For Making Perfect Umrah Journey

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Umrah is a little pilgrimage which means to visit the holy state. Whoever wants to perform the Umrah, enters a state of ritual consecration from the miqat. It’s essential to accomplish the Tawaf of the Umrah, perform the Say’s between Safa and Marwa and at the end shave their hair.

At, you will never face disappointing in your journey. How can you make your plan? We provide some suggestions regarding your Umrah package that is given below:

Do More And More Research

The first and foremost duty of the customer is to do some specific research about the Umrah deals. Through this, you can evaluate the qualitative service in Mecca and Medina. The research plays an essential factor because Umrah is a compelling journey of the Islamic world. When you connected with the best agent, you will get the alternative results.

Choose Your Desired Package

We offer a complete range of Umrah package list. The client chooses that one which fits into their requirements. Only we need a specific departure time and date. If you want hassle-free Umrah, then make your plan in summer. Those who want a hotel near to Kaaba then they need to choose 5-star Umrah package. At you will find the best Online Flight Deals at reasonable prices for all over the world it’s like a valuable journey when you get too close accommodation near to Kaaba. So, there is no need to walk more or book a taxi.

Fewer Clothes Lead To Less Bag Pack

Pack your suitcase according to the season because extra clothes lead to suitcase weight. In the summer or sprint season, you enjoy the sunny or warm weather, so choose according to the situation. On the other hand, in winter the temperature could be 10 ° -12 °, so consider less thick cloth. We suggest to all our clients to check first the weather changing situations before packing.

Bring The Documents Photocopy

When you bring the photocopy of all your documents, you feel secure of stolen your real documents. It’s better to bring your copy documents rather than real because, at the time of journey, there is the change of stolen or lost, so be your saviour.

 Plan Your Tour In Spare Time

We advise you to make specific time to fulfil your desire because the spiritual journey needs free and extra time. In the Umrah journey, you have to visit many sacred sites. When you are getting proper accommodations, you are free from any tension.

Final Verdict

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What Islam Says About Consumption Of Alcohol?

What Islam Says About Consumption Of Alcohol.jpg

Islam’s all-encompassing way to deal with wellbeing and prosperity implies that anything that is unsafe or generally destructive, is completely prohibited. In this manner, religion Islam takes an uncompromising stand towards liquor and precludes its utilization in either little or vast amounts. Liquor is without a doubt antagonistically and hurtful influences the brain and the body. It mists the psyche, causes squanders cash, infection, and wrecks people, families, and networks. Researchers have demonstrated that there is a solid connection between liquor and betting. Drinking disables judgment, brings down restraint and supports the kind of hazard taking engaged with betting and risky exercises.

Research in the United Kingdom shows that 6% of disease passing are identified with liquor misuse and Harvard Center for Cancer Prevention says that drinking enormously expands the hazard for various malignancies. Liquor is considered exceptionally cancer-causing, expanding the danger of mouth, pharynx, larynx, throat, liver, and bosom malignant growths. Drinking liquor amid pregnancy can prompt Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, making the kid be little during childbirth, have some facial distortions, little eye openings, webbed or notwithstanding missing fingers or toes, organ deformations, learning inabilities, mental impediment and significantly more.

Scientists in Australia have additionally assessed that 47% of every one of the individuals who perpetrate savage wrongdoings, and 43% of all casualties of these violations, were smashed preceding the occasion. Liquor is in charge of 44% of flame wounds, 34% of falls and drownings, 30% of vehicle mishaps, 16% of kid misuse occasions, and 7% of modern mischances. Despite the fact that obviously liquor is in charge of a large number of shades of malice it is lawful and even empowered in many social orders. In Muslim nations where liquor is taboo, numerous individuals still think that it’s hard to oppose enticement and fall prey to the sickness that is liquor addiction. Incredibly even in the light of such startling proof against liquor, individuals around the world keep on expending liquor in regularly expanding sums. Why?

Liquor is one of the devices Satan uses to occupy mankind. God states in the Holy Quran that Satan is an open foe towards mankind yet by drinking liquor, we welcome Satan into our lives and make it simple for him to divert us from our genuine reason throughout everyday life.

Liquor influences the brain and makes corrupt conduct and underhandedness activities reasonable appearing. It makes hostility and contempt between individuals, keeps them from recollecting God and diverts them from imploding, and calls them to partake in unlawful sexual connections. Liquor creates disgrace, lament, and disrespect, and renders the consumer stupid. It prompts the divulgence of privileged insights and introduction of deficiencies.

The Holy Quran is a book of direction sent down for the guidance to all of mankind. On the off chance that we adhere to these directions, our lives will be simple and peaceful, even notwithstanding calamity and disaster.

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What is Tawaf

What is Tawaf.jpg

Tawaf is a part of Hajj or Umrah. The people who are performing either the Hajj or an Umrah complete 7 round around Khana Kaaba and these 7 rounds around Khana Kaaba are referred to as Tawaf. These 7 rounds around Kaaba are done in an anti-clockwise direction. During Tawaf, both Muslim men and women move around Khana Kaaba together but they always remain extremely well disciplined during their whole journey. No vulgarity is observed at all despite the fact that men and women of all age groups and from various cultures are performing an Umrah together and there is no a separate line or queues for men and women. They are mingled and mixed up but in a highly pious and well-disciplined manner. No bad incident is generally observed and everyone focuses purely on worship and making the Almighty Allah happy instead of having dirty thoughts in mind. This can be considered as a sort of a miracle as there are people performing an Umrah who are not that much pious and well disciplined outside the boundaries of Haram or the moment they are not performing the Hajj or an Umrah. But once they start their Tawaf during Hajj or Umrah, they suddenly become extremely well mannered and they never misbehave with any lady performing Tawaf with them.

Details about Tawaf

While doing Tawaf, Muslims are moving in a circle around the Khana Kaaba. They start their Tawaf from the front of the black stone which is usually referred to as Hajar e Aswad. Muslims try to kiss or touch this holy stone at the time of performing Tawaf but most of them remain unable to do so because the crowd is mostly too big and it becomes almost impossible or too difficult to reach Hajar e Aswad and kiss or touch it. Therefore, they have to point towards the Hajar e Aswad and raise their hand towards it during each round around Khana Kaaba. Hajar e Aswad is said to be the stone from Paradise and it is considered to be the holiest stone in the world. This world is full of various precious stones including diamonds etc. but for each and every Muslim, Hajar e Aswad is more precious and valuable than any stone in the world. Even the diamonds and other precious stones of this world collectively can’t compete with the importance and value of this single stone, the Hajar e Aswad.

Present Situation of Muslims

Although the world is materialistic and people are constantly moving away from religion and they have started giving more importance to the precious things of this world rather than the holy things. Although the same is the case with the majority of the Muslims still, they give very high respect to Hajar e Aswad and they consider it more valuable and precious than any stone in this world. Thought of the life hereafter is not yet vanished from the minds and the hearts of the Muslims and they still fear Almighty Allah and they give value to all those things which are mentioned as valuable in their religion.

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Major Sins in Islam

Major Sins in Islam

Human beings made mistakes and errors every now and they don’t recognize how big and serious sins they are committing. There are numerous things for which human beings will be accountable and punished in the life hereafter and within the grave. Punishment in the grave and in the life hereafter is due to the disobedience the commands of ALLAH Almighty and anger of ALLAH Almighty. ALLAH Almighty disliked those for humans who committed sins and didn’t repent to Him with the straightforward heart.

Being a Muslim it’s far very necessary to keep away from all forms of major and minor sins and try to do true and virtuous deeds in this worldly life in order that we are able to live a fortuitously ever within the hereafter with the intention to continue to be for all time.

Major Sins:

Here we are talking about few important sins that every single Muslim have to keep away from.

* Shirk is one of the main sins that ALLAH Almighty disliked the most and it’s directly linked with the Hellfire. ALLAH Almighty does not forgive Muslims that commit shirk till he or she repents to ALLAH Almighty.

* Hypocrisy is also one of the major causes of the punishment in the grave. The hypocrite people are those who will be punished in the grave.

* Indulging in Riba is also a major sin that ALLAH Almighty disliked and it is strictly forbidden in Islam. Riba or usury is a growth of the extra amount on the principal amount.

* Zina (adultery) is also the most important sin with a purpose to no longer forgivable until a Muslim who repents to ALLAH Almighty with a core of heart and do no longer does it again in his her life.

* Missing obligatory prayers (five times daily) is taken into consideration one of the greatest sins with the intention to cause of punishment in the life hereafter and in the grave. So perform all five times Salah on time and don’t pass over any of your prayers.

* We should see backbiting (talking behind) as the maximum disgusting aspect of our society whether its women or men they have a tendency to backbite and Gossip whenever they meet. Backbiting is one of the primary sins and every Muslim try to keep away from it if you need to no longer be punished in the life hereafter.

The above referred to were a number of the major and important sins that all of us must keep away from in our daily life recurring. May

ALLAH Almighty assists and guides us to do virtuous deeds and keep us from the punishment and hardships of the grave and the Hell fireplace! Ameen

Umrah is a sacred journey to Makkah and not mandatory in Islam religion but Umrah is very important in the life of Muslims. With an aim to provide the pilgrims with the best and complete Umrah services, we now offer our customers reasonable and best Umrah Packages with Flights. So you don’t miss a chance and visit us to get the deals.